Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Message In A Bottle (Spoilers)

Message In A Bottle
Nicholas Sparks

My heart hurts after reading this tragic love story. Despite the tragedy it makes you believe in something greater than you can see or imagine. During the last chapter I literally threw the book across the coffee table vowing to never read another Sparks novel. All of  my vowing and complaining and tears won't matter though, I picked up the book and finished it, even though my heart broke for Theresa every second. I am dreading reading anymore of his novels even though I know I will b/c he has so much power in his writing. He doesn't just finish with a typical everyone gets a happy ending is why I love his books even when I hate what happens. This book and movie are more tragic than Romeo & Juliet ever were. I think Nicholas Sparks enjoys breaking the hearts of his readers.

I also rented the movie via Netflix but there are differences..
Who is Helen there is no Helen in the book?
The letters are different in the book.
there is no one named Charlie in the book? Deanna is a way better character....
Deanna was way better than all the people that make her up in the movie.
There's no Happenstance
NOTE TO SELF: Dont read a book then watch the movie immediately following that it ruins the movie for me.

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